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Beach Wedding Favours

Beach wedding favours for your wedding in sunny Ibiza!

Favours are a great way to show your guests you appreciate their support by giving them something to remember the day. But when picking out the perfect favours for your destination wedding you should consider that size matters! Try to help your guests to save valuable suitcase space, and keep in mind that your gifts will travel a long way!

Stay away from liquids and anything breakable, which has the potential to be a suitcase disaster. Instead consider something which is more practical, seasonal (most beach weddings are actually celebrated in summer!) and meaningful.

Consider fun items which blend perfectly with the theme of your destination wedding: fun, sunny Ibiza! To help you decide, we had a look at gifts that are becoming a popular trend for beach weddings on the White Isle and here we’ve come up with the top 4 wedding favours:

straw hat

Let’s say Ibiza classic the humble straw cowboy hat, which nowadays can be found in many styles: traditional, bohemian, chic. This is a great idea for an outdoor wedding, especially for the ceremony, to protect your guests from the sun! And for the men you can opt for a more classic panama hat, which will make your male guests look very stylish.


Perfect for any summer wedding on the White Isle! From heart shaped, bright coloured or personalised sunglasses. These wedding gifts are not only useful, by protecting your guest’s eyes from the light, but they also make the perfect accessory for taking some great funny pictures.


Flip Flops
To make sure your guests feel comfortable throughout the whole day, consider giving out flip flops at your reception! Guests can kick off their formal shoes and dance the night away – pain free – plus, they can use the flip flops on the rest of their holiday and they are light and easy to pack and take home.


If you’re tying the knot in summer in Ibiza, fans are a very inexpensive, cute and really useful addition to keep your guests cool in the heat. Hand fans are great for guests who are not too used to the summer heat! If you like practical, double-duty favours, try to hand out wedding programs that double as fans.

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