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4 Alternative Unity Ceremonies

Ibiza is an idyllic backdrop to celebrate any kind of wedding ritual. Because of the strict legal requirements for marrying in Spain many couples have a legal wedding in their home country and come to Ibiza for a blessing and celebration. We highlighted a few alternatives such as a spiritual, humanist or Buddhist ceremony, in a previous Ibiza Wedding Guide post (read it here). The beauty of designing your own ceremony is that you can draw from a range of observances that have special meaning. Here are a selection of beautiful rituals from different cultures and traditions that you could consider for your special day.


This is a Pagan custom that dates back to the time of the ancient Celts. It is supposed to be the origin of the term “tie the knot” and involves symbolically binding the couples hands together to show their commitment. Handfasting used to signify engagement, with the partners pledging to a union of one year and one day. Afterwards, they could renew their vows and commit to marriage for life. A modern handfasting ritual takes place after the exchange of vows. The couple clasp hands and the officiant, or a chosen friend, wraps a cord around their hands forming an infinity symbol. This signifies the desire for an unending bond of love and happiness.

Bread, salt & wine

This ritual comes from Poland, where it is traditional for the couple’s parents to greet them after the wedding with bread which is sprinkled with salt, and a glass of wine.

The bread signifies a desire that the couple never be hungry or in need. The salt signifies that life will occasionally be difficult or have challenges. Wine represents the wish that the couple have good health, good cheer and the company of good friends. You can make this even more special by using Ibicenco pan pages, Ibiza salt and local wine!

Blending of sand

Another ritual that is a natural fit in Ibiza is the blending of sand. In this observance the partners each have a vial of coloured sand. There is a third, empty, glass or vase. If your ceremony is at the beach you can have the officiant pour a scoop of Ibiza sand into the empty vase. This symbolises the foundation of your marriage. The couple then pour their sand in as well, creating a beautiful blend of colours that represents the mingling of two lives. This makes a beautiful memento you can cherish as a reminder of your special day in Ibiza.

Candle lighting

One popular ritual is the unity candle, where partners each have their own taper and use it to light a third candle. This can represent many aspects of marriage, such as the warmth of love, the creating of a new home, or the intention to use the partnership to bring light into the world. After lighting the central candle the couple can leave their individual candles burning to signify that they are individuals who have freely chosen to enter into a shared life.

Whatever rituals you choose, the most important thing is they represent your love and values!

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