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6 Steps to Find a Great Ibiza Wedding Photographer

Follow these guidelines when choosing the perfect professional to capture your special day.

While the work of some wedding vendors (catering, flower decorations, cake or music) can be seen and monitored during the wedding planning, photographs can be seen only after your wedding day – which means that you need to trust your photographer and if something goes wrong, there is no plan B.

This is why before choosing a wedding photographer, it’s important to vet carefully their professional skills, artistic style and personality.

Step 1: Look at the style

Before start researching photographers, you need first to decide what type of photography style you prefer, this will help narrow down your short list to two or three potential photographers. Would you prefer something more casual like documentary-style shots – with spontaneous pictures of you, your guests, the décor and the action? Or would you prefer something more classic like portrait pictures – traditional posed shots of the two of you, your friends and family in front of various backdrops? If you love art why not considering fine art-style shots – similar to documentary photography but with pictures that tend to be more dramatic and gorgeous like a real piece of art. If you are a modern bride you might want to consider something bolder and pick someone whose work is more unconventional.

Step 2: Do your homework

Once you pick your desired style, start research by browsing the internet, reading reviews from recent newlyweds. A good place to start is our Photographer Section. Carefully review potential photographers’ websites and blogs to check out photos of weddings they’ve done and don’t forget to look also at their Facebook & Instagram.

Step 3: Trust your gut

We know that you can’t decide just by looking at their pictures you need also to feel a connection, after all the photographer will be shadowing you everywhere and the more comfortable you feel with the photographer, the better the photos will turn out.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to arrange a first meeting with the potential photographers – as you are planning a destination wedding meeting in person with all the potential photographers is not an option, so arrange a first chat via Skype. Assess whether your personalities mesh and be prepared to talk about your venue, wedding style and which key moments should be captured. 

Step 4: Compare Packages

Aside from your gut instinct, it’s important to ask these questions before choosing a photographer. Make sure to understand what is included in their packages – how many hours of coverage are included (half day, full day or full weekend), the basic range for any extras you may want, their standard rates for the type of album you think you’ll want. Ask also about the rights of the pictures, will you be able to get prints done by yourself, or does the photographer retain the rights to the images? 

Step 5: Ask to see few full wedding albums

Bear in mind that, for good reason, the photographs featured on websites, blogs and social media are the best pictures. This is why is important to ask your potential photographers to provide couple of wedding albums so you can get an idea of what your complete collection of photos might look like after the wedding. If you see that the full gallery photos are as good as the ones chosen in the highlight websites, blogs and social media then you’re on the right track!

Step 6: Confirm your shooter(s)

Bear in mind that larger photo studios on the island have more than one photographer on staff, and unless you specify it in your contract, the lead photographer may not be the one shooting your day.  Also, include specific stipulations in the contract about who will cover for the photographer should something happen on the actual day.

Hopefully, by following these 6 steps, finding the right Ibiza wedding photographer will be easier!

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