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5 Reasons Why You Should Plan a Destination Wedding

It’s no secret that destination weddings are on the rise, but why more and more couples are choosing to get married away from home? Here are our five practical and personal reasons to celebrate your big day abroad.

1 – Once-in-a-lifetime event with the people you care the most about. 

Destination weddings are popular mainly because they allow quality bonding time with your family and friends. On a typical wedding day, you are on the run, meeting and greeting, whilst with a destination wedding, you are on a holiday mood. Everyone feels happier, more relaxed and less stressed. You will have the opportunity to truly interact with your guests over a longer time and not just for couple of hours. How often do you have the opportunity to spend no-rush, quality fun-time with relatives and friends? This is your chance!


2 – They are essentially stress-free. 

Yes, at first it may seem like a lot of work, but actually it isn’t. You should take into consideration that it’s your wedding — but it’s also your holiday, so you should leave the details to the on-site experts. If you are planning your destination wedding in Ibiza, our advice is always to seek help from the professional local wedding planners or the full-time wedding venue coordinators of your choice, they will take care of all your ceremony essentials and the logistics of your reception, so you can focus on the fun side – like the decoration, your guests, entertainment (or your tan).


3 – It’s an excuse to enjoy a double honeymoon

A wedding away doesn’t need to replace your honeymoon — after your wedding day, once all your guests have gone, you can decide to stay a few extra days to enjoy a minimoon (after all, you’ve already paid the travel expenses to get there) and then you can plan a separate trip to another location a few months later, so you’ll have a new adventure to look forward to as a newly married couple.


4 – Your guest list will be smaller.

Destination weddings are usually more intimate, meaning less obligatory invites and more must-have loved ones. The average number of guests at a traditional wedding is around 100/150. The average number of guests at a wedding in Ibiza? Intimate wedding around 10 guests and bigger wedding up to 50/70 guests. 


5 – Move away from formal weddings

Weddings away are usually less formal and are a good opportunity to try something fresh and unique. You can pick a ceremony and a location that truly reflect you and your style – from symbolic ceremony in the countryside to barefoot beach celebration. 


So don’t forget that the world is your oyster!  That said, here’s a little secret – a destination wedding doesn’t have to mean exotic. If you live in Europe you can think of Ibiza as your paradise island. You can still get that ‘wedding-away’ feel without having to venture too far from your country!


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