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5 Reasons You Should Honeymoon in Ibiza

1 – If you got married in your own country…
(For whatever reason) but always dreamed of getting married in Ibiza – at least you can get your romantic Ibiza fix during the honeymoon. Only a short flight from most major cities in Europe, it’s reasonably cheap and easy to hop off to Ibiza after you’ve had your big day at home.

2 – If you got married in Ibiza…
You can escape to another peaceful part of the island for a cheeky ‘Minimoon’. Ibiza is so versatile, travelling to a different part of the island (for example, a couple of days in Spa resort in the tranquil north) can give you a totally different feeling. Plus it’s much cheaper and time effective if you got married in Ibiza, to pop up to a secluded spot for a couple of days of chilled out newly-wed privacy.

3 – It’s beautiful and romantic…
Some people have the mistaken idea that Ibiza is all about partying – but it can actually be very relaxed and has some stunning sites of natural beauty, idyllic country side restaurants and peaceful spas – the perfect way to wind down after all of that wedding stress. Check out our 5 Stunning Sunset Spots in Ibiza, for example.

4 – It’s fun!
If you’re a couple who gets bored of sitting around on the beach after a couple of days – the great news is, Ibiza has so much more to offer! It’s social and there’s always something to do, whether it’s clubbing, getting out and exploring the islands natural beauty, or taking part in some alternative activities, you won’t be short on things to do, if that’s what you’re looking for, check out 10 Alternative Ibiza Activities for more.

5 – It’s an iconic destination
It’s on most people’s bucket list as somewhere to be tried at least once in a lifetime (and if you already know and love Ibiza, you’ll already understand)… But if you haven’t been yet – what cooler place to spend your first days celebrating your marriage and making unforgettable memories together, than in Ibiza.

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