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5 Popular wedding details

It’s the little things that make your big day magical. Every detail of your ceremony and reception should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. You can sprinkle your big day with personality and pull off a wedding that feels very personal and unique. We’re always keeping an eye out for new ideas and unique touches, so we just want to share these 5 faves we spotted around the Island.

SIgns Wedding
Keep your guest in the know
It’s good to let your wedding guests know about timings, what is happening next and where to go, so they don’t get lost or confused. Use wooden direction signs to point your guests in the right direction or chalkboard to let people know what’s for dinner and drinks. Choices are endless so make sure to pick the ones that fit your wedding style. Add personal touches to your wedding signs with your favourite quotes, lyrics or special messages to your guests.


Light up letters
Light up your special day
To create a dreamy atmosphere and light up your reception, you can use string lights, romantic paper lanterns or glamorous light up letters. Add a personal touch to your special day with eye-catching, illuminated “LOVE”  letters, “MR & MRS” or even your initials. Just let your imagination go and create the wow factor with creative lights.


share your love story
Share your love story
To make your reception truly unique and personal, incorporate photos of you two from childhood to adulthood, share memories of you as a couple but also with family and friends. This little surprise will make feel your guests very special and part of one big family. You can place the photos in frames or hang some of your favourite memories on the walls. There is no more sweet way to share your journey together with your loved ones.


A memorable guestbook
Nowadays you can be very creative and go beyond the typical guest book. Choices are endless, a polaroid guestbook is a fun idea, guests can take fun pictures at your wedding and then place it immediately into a scrapbook with a note. A  monogram guestbook, which will make such a nice feature to keep at home, once the wedding celebration is over. Or create a jigsaw puzzle of your photo and let guests sign each piece.


Enhance the scent of the Island
Flowers have always been the most popular wedding decoration, with their colours and perfumes, but nowadays their use goes beyond the normal bouquets and centrepieces with incredible floral arrangements. Very popular on the White Isle is to use an herb like rosemary, thyme or lavender as ceremony aisle markers, to evoke all the senses.

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