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5 Ibiza Wedding Photographers to capture your special moments

Even before the first wave of tourists came to Ibiza and Formentera, the islands had already been discovered by the hippies following the Hippy trail from the West coast of America to the Far East. These free-spirits included a high proportion of artists, musicians and writers, and many eventually decided to settle in Ibiza – particularly the artists, entranced by the beauty of the islands and the quality of the light here.This trend continues to the present day, and this is why you certainly won’t struggle to find quite exceptional photographers based in Ibiza.

Our recommendations include photographers who work at the highest level within the industry and are regularly called away on international assignments. Yet, having seen the world, they have decided to live in paradise – in much the same way that you’ve chosen to celebrate your marriage on the islands.

Who knows?
Maybe one day these extraordinary artists will be your neighbours when you make the move…

1) Gypsy Westwood

2) Ana Lui

3) Studio Mr. Smith 

4) Natalie Beth Harris

5) Tamás Kooning Lansbergen


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