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5 Caterers offering you excellent service

There are so many details that come into play when planning a wedding – setting the date, booking the venue and choosing the meal.

Regarding the reception there are many important details to consider, selecting the food, the drinks, the tableware, the decorations, how the food will be served etc. Guests will definitely remember if their food was insufficient or the meal was served cold, after all it’s not a secret that food plays an important role in a wedding. Hire a caterer who will look after every little detail will help you to be relaxed on your big day and enjoy the whole process along the way.

Your wedding has to be an unforgettable event, so make sure you choose the caterer who fits your requirements.

In our Top5 you can find our five recommendations – give them a try.

1) Cardamom Events

2) Casa Colonial

3) The Ibiza Catering

4) La Grande Bouffe

5) El Catering Frances 

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