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20 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

You’ve just got engaged and you’ve chosen Ibiza as the destination for your wedding… Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision!

So what next? Unlike the UK having a destination wedding means taking a leap of faith when making important decisions and the venue is likely to be your single biggest and most costly. Ibiza has endless options but which one should you go for? Well don’t worry as we’ve put together the ultimate checklist for you to consider when visiting your Ibiza venues. All those questions you may not have considered but when it comes down to it could save you a lot of stress, and money!

Date availability.

This is the big one. What dates are currently available and what is required to secure? How popular is the time of year you’re looking at?

Is it easy to find?

How easily did you find the venue when you went for your viewing? If you had problems imagine what could happen to your guests!

Can transport be organised for guests?

If you are having a high season wedding then forget taxis! There is nothing worse than having guests waiting in the dark at the end of the night for hours or worse arriving after your ceremony has started! Can coaches and mini buses be arranged by your venue? This should be considered an essential.

Can coaches/mini buses come to the door?

It may seem idyllic to have your wedding in an out-of-the-way seaside gem but what will happen if your guests have to walk 500 metres down a dusty track in their best clothes and heels!

How many car parking spaces are there?

Whilst most guests will be happy to come on the bus those with families will more than likely hire a car. Making sure they can park close by and without hassles will be much appreciated.

Will ours be the only wedding at the venue that day?

Ibiza is quite rightly a very popular destination for weddings which has resulted in some venues cashing in by hosting more than 1 a day. Do you really want to be crossing paths with other brides on your special day?

Where will the ceremony be?

You’ll see lots of lovely photos of beach ceremonies conducted at many Ibiza venues but make sure you find out if they have permission to do this. Beaches in Ibiza are all public so chairs and other structures such as ceremony tents could be prohibited. The last thing you want is a visit from the local police telling your venue to dismantle your wedding! If you want to know more about beach weddings, read this: Ibiza Beach Wedding Basics.

Is confetti allowed?

It usually is but it’s always good to check first.

What if it rains?

Not likely your wedding planner will tell you but occasionally it does happen. Find out exactly what the plan B is and how quickly it can be put into action.

What music restrictions are there?

Ibiza has very very strict music laws these days and some venues can be really restricted especially if they have neighbours who like to complain. Find out in advance at what time your party has to end and if the noise levels are going to be restricted.

Will the venue be exclusive to us?

Depending on which time of year you’re getting married this may or may not be an issue. Whilst in low season months you could be ensured the place to yourselves you may find if you are having a wedding between June & Sep that your venue may be very busy indeed. If this doesn’t bother you make sure that you will have waiting staff specifically assigned to look after your group.

What menu choices are there?

Some venues are quite restricted in their menu options and may just try to steer you into the easiest choice for them. Have a think about what you would like for you and your guests and see if you can arrange a tasting before the day.

When does the decor team arrive? Can we bring down our own items to add?

Each venue has its own timetable when getting ready for a wedding. If you have personal items to bring down they may want you to coincide with their decor team so that everything can look as perfect as possible.

Can our decor be received by post from the UK?

Not everyone has the room to carry all their decor onto the plane so it’s a good idea to post larger items. It’s handy to know ahead of time if the venue can accept these deliveries.

Is there a quiet area for small children or older guests?

It can be a very long day for many so if there is a peaceful corner for a time out this can be a very welcome extra.

Can our wedding gifts be left at the venue and collected the following day?

You’re going to receive plenty of goodies on the day but do you really want to cart them around with you all night if you’re going on to party somewhere else?!

Is there a specific cut off time?

Always good to know beforehand. If your venue is purely based outside then you may have an early finish.

Wedding cake options.

Can you choose and arrange your own cake or does one come included?

How long before the date do we have to make changes to our numbers meal or decor?

This is particularly important with relation to your flower choices. All flowers have to be ordered in advance and flown in so this may be something you’ll need to decide upon quite early.

What does it cost to secure a date and what will the payment timeline be? Are there any refunds should your plans change?

You’ve fallen in love with the venue and it meets with all your hopes so it’s important to know how to secure it for your big day.

You may come up with some more questions of your own as every wedding will have it’s own personal requirements. If so then write each query down straight away. Armed with this list and your own you’ll be sure to come away from your Ibiza visit feeling happy and confident in your choice.  To help you start shortlisting venues, we have put together also a mini-guide featuring the 3 most popular type of wedding locations, check it out – Mini Guide to Ibiza Wedding Venue.

Happy viewing!

 Pictures by Ibiza Photography

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