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12 Alternative wedding cakes

Your wedding is unique. Why should your wedding cake look just like everyone else’s? There are all kinds of creative, alternative wedding cake options that will give your celebration a personal touch.

Here is a dozen of ideas we love.


If you prefer a cheese plate to a sweet dessert, why bother with a cake? An artful selection of cheese is a classic twist on the wedding cake. Buy rounds of Ibiza goats’ cheese encrusted with black pepper, chili or herbs for a festive island finish.


Swap layer cake for dozens of delicious doughnuts. They are perfect for stacking, so you can make a tasty tower of sweets that your guests will have fun demolishing.


With cupcakes you can order up a variety so there is something for every taste. Get an assortment of white, yellow, red velvet, and chocolate, and have them frosted in your wedding colours for a personal touch.


Get your caterer to whip up dozens of meringues, dye them an assortment of colours, and create a beautiful profusion of sweet, light-as-air treats that look as good as they taste.


Show your sense of fun by serving a big stack of fluffy American-style pancakes in the place of cake. Layer them with chocolate sauce, honey, jam, butter, fruit… whatever you like.

Fruit pies

The perfect sweet choice for a summer wedding is pie made from fresh apple, cherry, strawberry, berries, or peach. Serve full-size ones or, if you fancy something more personal, order mini-pies so each guest can have his or her own.

Pork pies

Pies don’t have to be sweet. For an informal wedding, an assortment of miniature pork pies is a fun alternative to anything sugary. They great thing about pork pie is they stand up to transport, making them a convenient option for catering.


For a true Ibiza touch, why not serve graxionera, the rich, sweet Catalan bread pudding? It is creamy, luscious and sure to be a hit with all ages.

Ice cream

Summer weddings are a perfect excuse to enjoy ice cream instead of cake. There are several excellent heladerias (ice cream shops) on Ibiza where you can get a vast array of flavours. An ice cream bar adds a playful note to casual celebrations.


Fresh-fried churros dipped in cinnamon sugar and hot chocolate are a beloved autumn and winter treat in Spain. If you’re having a cool-weather wedding consider treating your guests to churros in the place of cake.

Sweet rolls

Iced sweet rolls are a scrumptious variation on the theme. Cinnamon rolls, hot cross buns, or glazed buns are all good options and have the benefit of being single-serving.


Everyone loves brownies, and they are one of the easiest treats to make. Stack them high, drizzle them with chocolate syrup and tuck in!

Have a great alternative wedding cake idea? Share in the comments!

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