Ibiza wedding transportation basics

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 15th July 2015 | Blog categories: Planning Info, Wedding Blog

On the face of it, organising wedding transport will come way down the ‘to do’ list of any bride – somewhere below ‘matching shoes for the page boys’, maybe?

It should be pretty much a case of deciding what sort of limousine the bride should descend from upon arrival? Arranging the time at which you wish to be collected and delivery to the venue on time. Trivia, like ‘is it full of petrol?’ might never cross your mind…

However, getting married on Ibiza complicates matters somewhat in this particular aspect of organising a wedding. For a start most, if not all, of our guests are unlikely to have brought their family runabout with them. Consequently a lot of cars may need to be hired, all on or about the same date – and some guests may decide to stay for a few extra days whilst they’re here?
This may well need to be arranged a fair while in advance, depending on the time of year. During the summer it is quite conceivable for there to be shortage of hire cars available, and they will certainly be more expensive if you leave it until the last minute.

From a positive perspective, you and your group of guests have the advantage of significant purchasing power. This can secure significant discounts if you are sufficiently organised to plan ahead with your guests and book ‘en-masse’. It doesn’t matter whether individual guests opt for a Hummer or a Fiat 500 – if booked together, all will benefit from discounts.

Finally, satisfy yourself that you are dealing with a reputable company. We have come across some horror stories where wedding transport has caused massive disruption to an otherwise well-organised celebration. It has been known for a limousine on its way to the church being stopped by the police at a routine roadside check. Unfortunately the limousine was not correctly licensed for purpose and was impounded by the police. The bride and her maids were left standing in blazing sunshine at the side of the road, whilst a panicking father struggled on the phone to find a replacement limo and driver. Fortunately a replacement did turn up, but the new driver didn’t know the way to the church!
When they finally arrived they were told by the priest that the next wedding party were due in five minutes time!
They still hold the record for the fastest wedding ceremony ever conducted on Ibiza…

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