What to expect from an Ibiza wedding photographer

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 14th August 2015 | Blog categories: Planning Info, Wedding Blog

We understand how important it is on your wedding day to capture on camera the special moments so that you and your family can look back at the happy memories whenever you want.

Ibiza is a very special place to get married and with its amazing scenery, light and unique atmosphere, it makes the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Photographers based in ibiza are the best choice as they have a deep knowledge of the island and there is the added bonus of saving costs for their accommodation and flight. Find a photographer in ibiza might turn out to be one of the easiest task in planning your wedding, in fact Ibiza has always been home to many artists.

Even before the first wave of tourists came to Ibiza and Formentera, the islands had already been discovered by the hippies following the Hippy trail from the West coast of America to the Far East. These free-spirits included a high proportion of artists, musicians and writers, and many eventually decided to settle in Ibiza – particularly the artists, entranced by the beauty of the islands and the quality of the light here. This trend continues to the present day, and this is why you certainly won’t struggle to find exceptional photographers based on Ibiza.

Before you make any decision, make sure to take time to have a look at various portfolios to find the photographer that suits your style and will reflect the essence and spirit of your special day. Most of them can offer a huge variety of options to capture your special moments. Studio Mr. Smith offers not only wedding pictures which are the results of a high quality post productions but also in combination with INMEDIA DESIGN STUDIOS, they offer bespoke design of wedding cards and handmade wedding albums. While Ibiza born photographer, Dario Sanz not only offers photos of your actual wedding day but also pre-wedding session in one of his favourite secret island locations and a post wedding ‘Trash the dress’ session, where all seriousness is let go and it’s all about fun in pure Ibiza style.

Bear in mind that most of the photographers on the white island are international photographers, such as Ana Lui, Marnosuite, Natalie Beth Harries and Gypsy Westwood, who work at the highest level within the industry and are regularly called away on international assignments. For this reason it’s important to plan in advance and ask for availability.

In our “Photographer – Business section” you can find some of the best wedding photographers who are based here on Ibiza.

Regarding costs, generally you can expect to spend 10 to 15 percent of your budget on wedding photography coverage and in Ibiza prices mostly go from 1,500 euro upwards. But in reality how much you spend it depends on how important are the photos to you. If photos are not a priority then don’t be afraid to go for a less expensive photographer or perhaps only get coverage for part of the day. But if photos are important to you and you want the best of the best then do not expect talented photographers to come cheap, years of experience are added to the value! Most of the photographers will offer you wedding packages, make sure to read the contract carefully to understand what kind of deal you are getting for your money.

Once you choose your favourite photographer, take time to meet together or, if you are not in the same country, at least organise video calls to speak about the details. Make sure the photographer knows exactly what you want from the day. The more information you will provide and the better results you will get. The photographer should also be informed about the times and schedules of the day so that he/she can be in the right place at the right time to catch the best shots.

Each wedding is unique, each memory is magical, so make sure to hire the photographer who suits you best, to capture your big day in your own personal style.