The top 5 bridal beauty trends

By Maddalena Scarpellini | 1st October 2015 | Blog categories: Ibiza Wedding Trends, Wedding Blog

Hair and makeup are an essential part of your wedding day, and luckily for you over the years Ibiza has become home for many talented make-up artist and hair stylists. We’ve looked around the Island to spot the top 5 bridal beauty trends.




All Natural.

Sometimes less is more. One of the trend on the white Isle is to let the natural beauty shine through with a tinted moisturiser to keep skin hydrated, a light dusting of blush or bronzer, a swipe of mascara and a nude or pink lip. Long hair can be left down or done in casual loose ponytails.




Bohemian Look.

Romantic, boho vibes inspired by the hippyie communities in Ibiza. The look is all about enhancing the feminine appeal. Shimmering, neutral eyeshadow and a touch of lipstick. The hair can be left down in delicate waves or done in soft chignons or braids. But forget about the perfect, tight braids, this look is about messy, natural effect. You can accessorize with flowers and headbands.




Contemporary style.

Classic, sophisticated but modern. This look is all about romance in a revamped classic way. Hair are done in well presented buns and chic chignons. The eyes are accentuated with lashings of mascara and smokey eyes. You can brighten up with highlighter on the inner eye with some metallic colors. Eyeliner will define how strong you want your look. For the lips you can choose both nude or bold lipstick.




Casual pink glow.

This style is about using delicate makeup, rosy cheeks, pretty pink lips and lightly lined eyes. Hair are done in simple, no-fuss ponies or low causal buns. The idea is to be soft and emphasise the natural beauty without feeling overdone. It’s a style that it never seems to get old.





Glamorous look.

This look is all about volume and elegance. The hair are polished, done in perfect chignon or half-up to create volume. The eyes are the centre of attention with eyelashes, eyeliner and large amount of mascara, choose a light pink-champagne shadow to top your lids for a lighter effect. You can choose rose lipstick or any other soft colours.




To get help in choosing your picture perfect bridal look you can get in contact with the Island beauty experts. They know the latest trends and will work with you to design your makeup-hair style just the way you want it.